The best Land in the Dominican Republic for the development of a high class luxurious “Condo Beach & Park Resort”



We seek funds

for the acquisition of “GOODLAND”
a 120 acres [ 480,000 m2 ] / 2,300 ft [ 700 m ] beach front land on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic,

for the development of a high class luxurious “Condo Beach & Park Resort”
with 25 exclusive beach front villas, 408 luxurious apartments, 44 penthouses and 160 park villas

for a small city lifestyle center
with over 5000 m2 space for commercial units, 40 city studios and 20 city homes, with
restaurants/cafes and different facilities for activities, arts, training, entertainment, wellness, health & rejuvenation.

Funds needed:
We need a maximum loan for the purchase of the land of $ 20,000,000
and an additional maximum credit limit for construction of $10,000,000.

Minimal risk:
we can divide the GOODLAND project into 10 easy steps
due to it’s unique location and it’s shape.
we can re-evaluate the project after each step, this avoids the pitfalls of most of the other big projects: unsold units.
this gives us flexibility and adaptation to eventual new developments.

We expect for the
Financing Team: an overall profit of
minimum US $ 100,000,000.—
and a
IRR of 19%

The GOODLAND Project is the least risky and most profitable project we ever studied and analysed!

Thank you for your interest

The Goodland Developing Team


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